Sunday, March 14, 2010

Call me crazy--again!!

Civil Court Hearings on Rachel Corrie’s Death 7 Years Ago (only money will make us feel better)

This family raised their daughter to think she had the right to go anywhere in the world and do her sophomoric protesting without harm or repercussion. They are, in part, guilty of getting her killed, IMO. Now, they want to be paid for it.

The liberals usually do their protesting where it's safe and they are protected by taxpayers. An animal rights activist who get killed in Spain's Running of the Bulls isn't going to get any sympathy from me.

I will also mention the 3 "hikers" who just happened to wander into Iran... What the hell is any intelligent person doing hiking in the mid-east?? They are now finding out that other countries don't put up with the bullshit that is protected by our Constitution.

Unlike our soldiers, the liberal lunatics consistantly take the side of the enemies of freedom. They believe that they are somehow bullet proof--and that they will also be afforded great respect for their ridiculous actions. Throwing rocks and urine, at police and military in other countries is not a protected right.

Get this, Amnesty International, NOW, ACORN,, or any of the other useless thug-hugging entities are not coming to your rescue--at least outside the comfortable confines of our borders. The teachers and professors who filled your mind with socialist crap won't be there for you either. Grow the hell up!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I'm sick of feeling sorry for kids

..after they are abused and killed. I'm sick of Tina Laws and Tony Acts. I am really sick of women who subject kids to their diseased boyfriends, husbands, and partners. I am really really sick of the animals that maim and kill innocent children.

Child Protective Services, in any state, are useless entities--if not corrupt. They are the same stupid incompetent people who scurry to candle light vigils every time we try to get rid of one of these bastards who prey on our young.

How disgusting a parent do you have to be to let your sister raise your kids around child molesters? 11-year-old Sarah Foxwell had one chance in life and own family took it away. Her shitty parents dumped her on a shitty aunt who needed a man so bad that even a known sex offender/pedophile was welcome in her home.

Although her family held no happiness for her future, Sarah likely had many dreams for her own future. She probably had dreams of being a ballerina, doctor, or a teacher. She and her dreams died a horrible death at the hands of filthy murdering pedophile. What were her last thoughts? Did she cry out for her mother? Her aunt? I hope those cries fill the dreams of all those who failed her, the victim of a society that allows rabid animals to skulk among us.

Quit making excuses for evil. It's too late for those who have made the choice to indulge their sick fantasies. They will not be healed. They WILL NOT change!! Kill them. The spineless will call on God to spare the killer but scorn his name in a classroom. There is no God (except maybe allah) who says we cannot protect our children from predators. Our kids are not sacrificial lambs to be offered to these beasts. In the earliest societal units protection of women and children was the first concern.

All these laws and acts will not stop the deaths of our children--nor will another Facebook page. The "village" will not raise or save them. Only when we, as parents, start raising our children decently will there be a change. As long as we make no clear distinction between good and bad and right and wrong the decay will spread.