Sunday, October 25, 2009

Islam--Just Say NO!

If you didn't start wondering about the "religion of peace" during the summer of 1972 (Munich), maybe it's time. America did not start Jihad. There are no less than 14 major areas of conflict on our planet today--all involve islam. Remember Lockerby, London, and the Russian grade school massacre? Look what's happening in Darfur--it isn't Mormons committing the genocide there.

Everywhere islam goes, violence follows. Islam was not hijacked by terrorists, it is an ideology of terror and oppression. If you think the Europeans, Africans, Malaysians, are West Asians are enjoying the diversity, think again. Muslims have killed hundreds of thousands of people, in just the last 40 years, all over the world--and they are breaking ground for mosques in our country at an alarming rate. They are demanding foot-washing facilities and prayer rooms in public institutions, universities, airports, and businesses, right here, right now--and your tax dollars are paying for it. What happened to the separation of church and state?

When was the last time a Methodist or a Catholic demanded anything of you? Baptists don't sit in church and wonder if their neighbor might behead them. Lutherans don't tend to shoot their daughters or run over their wives for religious, or political honor.

This is not a joke. I sometimes use humor (or sarcasm) to make a point but islam is not funny. It is a violent oppressive ideology that is spreading around the world. Islam has no respect for any non-muslim. They are performing ritual butchering on African Christians. If you have the guts to watch, YouTube has plenty of videos to prove it.

If you can't bring your sensitive eyes to watch brutal torture and horrific murder, check out this video of the results of how women are treated in muslim countries. This is not a pro-American site so please don't accuse me of cherry picking my examples.

I have friends who will fight to the death over domestic violence in America but won't say a thing in defense of women like this. They are spineless liberals who only pretend to have great courage but, in any 3rd world country, without the protection of American freedom, they would be the meekest, and most silent, of all. Liberals will site Christian transgressions from ancient history but not the current human rights violations of islam. If they refuse to see evil it doesn't exist--and the portable gallows of Iran are not really used to publicly hang gays. What they fail to realize is that their liberal ideology will make them the first targets of shariah law should they allow islam to infiltrate our government and culture.

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