Sunday, October 25, 2009

John McCain (D) Arizona

Dick Cheney has the right to defend himself and the Bush administration. He also has a right to voice his opinion in behalf of the support and safety of our troops–and our country. Obama is stalling his decision, until after key elections, to the detriment of our military and mission. Ask just anybody in the military–Obama gets a big NO CONFIDENCE.

I have the utmost respect for his service, and POW ordeal, but if Obama policies were in place, back then, John McCain would still be sitting in Hanoi. Since the beginning of his political career he has done little to admire, IMO. He is a broken man. His passive-aggressive behavior lost us the election and has lost him the respect of his party and those who voted for him. He just doesn’t get it and he refuses to listen to his constituency. Just shut up, Mr McCain.

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