Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Party of Moral Convenience

Does nothing embarrass the left? I've been listening to our MSM, and certain leftist loudmouths of government, calling the conservative protesters names and it's just making me angrier. They belittle church goers, home schoolers, those who choose life over abortion, or anyone who celebrates American culture. By making fun of people, or whipping out the race card, they hope to shame them into lowering their standards and towing the liberal line.
If there is anything to respect in the likes of Keith Olberman or Barney Frank I'm not seeing it. Call me crazy.

My morals and standards have not changed for 40 years and the Nancy Pelosi's arch-braying is not going to move me to take low road. The left has changed. Over and over they have lowered the bar and have become a party of extreme and bizarre behavioral groups. They have no shame. The vote of Mother Theresa and a NAMBLA member are equally welcome. The way they are complaining about how this president is being disrespected makes me laugh--what a bunch of hypocrites.

I won't even begin to describe the lack of respect that President Bush endured but I tell you about my son and I watching the Alito hearings. I was trying to explain why Judge Alito was being questioned; that senators were elected and asked questions on behalf of "the people" in order to clarify a nominee's fitness to represent them on the Supreme court. I was trying hard to be fair in the way I presented it. My son, without guile, said "I get that--but when is the hearing where we get to hear his answers"?

Now that he is in college, he recently confided in me that the teachers and students, who made political statements of any kind in class, seemed always to be blaming President Bush for something and acting like nobody else in the room could possibly disagree or have a different opinion--that they don't seem to consider that what they say might offend somebody else. Since conservative opinion is not exactly encouraged, my son remains relatively mute in class . I told him that he should speak up and he said, "Mom, you could show up to class with your kiddy-porn collection and get a more respect".

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